Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Vegetarian's 100

So this went around the blogs long ago as The Omnivore's 100. Basically, a list of foods that everyone should eat at one time. I have a draft post around of the meme, but as a vegetarian there was a lot on it I was not going to eat. So I was excited when I saw the Vegetarian's 100. I can't remember where I saw it on my blogroll, but I got this version from Feeding Maybelle. If you want to know what any of these are (I didn't know a bunch of them) see the original link. Also, there is apparently nothing I wouldn't try once!

Here are the rules:
1. Copy the list into your blog or journal, including these instructions.
2. Bold all the items you’ve eaten
3. Cross out any items that you would never consider eating.
4. Optional extra: post a comment on Very Good Taste, linking to your results.
and I am adding 5. italicize ones you would especially like to try.

1. Edamame
2. Cha Soba
3. Arame
4. Earth Balance Buttercream
5. "Homemade" sprouts
6. Green Bamboo Rice
7. Absinthe
8. Eat at a raw restaurant
9. Fresh (real) wasabi
10. Deep fried pickle this is so good!
11. Fiddleheads
12. Garlic stuffed olives
13. Smen
14. Goji Berries
15. Shiso or Perilla
16. Amaranth
17. Pomegranate molasses
18. Water convulvulus (Water Spinach)
19. Pea eggplant, Thai eggplant, green eggplant, Japanese eggplant, Indian eggplant, Sicilian eggplant...
20. A Zen Buddhist Vegan Meal
21. Kohya Dofu
22. Wild Asparagus
23. Elderberry
24. Candlenuts (kemiri)
25. Salsify
26. Nutritional Yeast
27. Pandan
28. Roman cauliflower
29. Anything with acorn flour
30. Poi
31. Chaya (tree spinach)
32. Pitahaya (dragon fruit)
33. Asafoetida
34. Fried plantains
35. Basil seeds
36. Cardoon
37. Durian
38. Ground Cherry or cape gooseberry
39. Fresh waterchestnut
40. Cashewnut cheese
41. Nettles
42. Fake duck from a can, tofurky, or any prepared vegetarian product to resemble meat
43. Kimchi
44. Masala Dosa
45. Lotus Seed
46. Matcha
47. Loubie Bzeit
48. Quince
49. Blue Potatoes
50. Injera
51. Nasturtium
52. Turkish Delight or Lokum
53. Spruce tips
54. Breadfruit
55. Mangosteen
56. Swede or Rutabaga
57. Garlic Scapes
58. Lavash
59. Candied Angelica
60. Rambutan
61. Sambal
62. Bhutanes Red Rice
63. Candy-cane or Chioggia beets
64. Mango
65. Ras el Hanout
66. Vegan marshmallow
67. Umeboshi
68. Red Currants
69. Puy or French lentils
70. Millet
71. Fresh Bamboo shoot
72. Jerusalem artichoke
73. Wild strawberry
74. Jambool
75. Po cha or Yak butter Tea
76. Adzuki beans
77. Shirataki
78. Manioc, yuca, cassava
79. Quinoa
80. Ramps
81. Chufa
82. Purslane
83. Curry Leaves (Kadipatta)
84. Sorrel
85. Sumac
86. Vegan cupcake
87. Montreal bagel
88. Peri-peri
89. Syllabub
90. Chartreuse
91. Kamut berries
92. Kalamansi Lime
93. Aloe
94. Morels
95. Raw “bread”
96. Dandelion wine
97. Rosti
98. Loomi
99. Stinky tofu
100. Something grown by you

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Corbett said...

You've eaten syllabub! Remember, you came over and ate the onion pie (and I think R and I had a "meat pye"), and we had the brandied pears and syllabub (the rosewater-flavored whipped cream). Or was it the time we had the baked pupton of apples and sweet cubes of jellied milk? I can't remember