Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My miraculous cure

Some of you may know/remember that I have a coughing problem. I have been coughing for years. Loud hacking coughs that do not stop. Awhile ago some doctor told me t was asthma, gave me some inhalers and away I went. Eventually, the inhalers stopped working so well so I went to another doctor who said no no! This is not asthma! It is allergies! He gave me an allergy shot and I took Claritin, but I still coughed, especially at night. Finally we moved here and I got access to the same health care as University of Chicago students. I went to see a nurse practitioner (I looove nurse practitioners) and she decided it was both asthma and some allergies, but most importantly it was post nasal drip. She hooked me up with some Flonase AND told me to get a neti pot. I have coveted a neti pot for awhile, especially after Maven blogged about it. But for some reason or another I never got around to it. When the NP told me too, though, I ran right to the Natural Foods store. And let me tell you. I love that thing. I seriously did not know a person was supposed to get this much oxygen in one breath. I breathe way better and I do not cough at night. It is miraculous and thanks to a $13 ceramic pot and pouring some salt water through my nose once a day.

If you have allergies/asthma/any breathing problems, get yourself a neti pot STAT. They rule.


meeegan said...

That is great! Huzzah for the neti pot and the departure of the cough!

Corbett said...

OMG, I just watched the instructional video and, following your friend's advice, had the sound off. I almost peed my pants (it really helps that she looks like a zombie). I've had sinus problems for years, so maybe this would help me too. It is a little freaky, though.

Melinda said...

Not you too!!!!!! That foul little pot is taking over the world!