Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My addiction

People, there is one thing in all the world that I am addicted to. Alas, it is a nerdy addiction. The subject of my addiction is the library. Not just books, or reading, but specifically the library. I learned this in the last week, when I returned two books to the drop box a day late. This resulted in a 40 cent fine. Most libraries of my acquaintance let you still use the library and request books online when you have such a small fine. Not the Chicago Public Library. The Chicago Public Library is serious about getting its books back on time. If you are even a day late and owe just a few cents, the Chicago Public Library freezes your account. You cannot just zip online and request books that look interesting. Nooooo.... you have to haul yourself, through the wind and rain, to the library in person and pay them those 40 cents. Then you can finally have all the access to the library you need. I have been a week with my account frozen and it was really getting to me. I didn't know where my next book was coming from. Was I getting passed over for the Twilight series? WHEN WOULD I GET MORE BOOKS????? Seriously, I was starting to freak out so I braved the wind and rain, browsed the stacks for 2 new books and handed over my 40 cents. Now all is right with the world.

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Ellen said...

Loved the Twilight books. Share your library addiction, although sometimes I'm amazed at the randomness of the St. Louis City Libraries. Why would you only have the middle book of a trilogy? In all of your locations??