Saturday, November 15, 2008

Blah day

I am tired today and I have the blahs. I am depressed because I did not do enough work today, but I didn't work very much because I was tired and blah. Anyway. My eye is not very improved. I am stressed out about it because I have a conference to go to on Wednesday AND I teach two classes on Monday. The doctor said to go back if it is not better Monday, but I think I will have to cancel a class to do that and that sucks. One of my schools is very down on canceling classes, and both places will most likely dock my pay. Being an adjunct is not the glamorous life you might imagines. Also, I tried to make a 100% whole wheat bread and it did not rise. I have another loaf in now of my trusty white/wheat mix, as we are trying to not buy bread any more but I am concerned it is also not rising....hmmm....

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