Sunday, August 24, 2008

Reader's choice update!

I need to ask you guys more questions to get more comments! (I am a comment ho!)

Here is what I am committing to write about for you sometime before Oct 1:
1) settling in in Chicago (not settling for it. It was my first choice! Way better than SoCal)
2) Writing from a distance
3) THE OLYMPICS!!! (including shout outs to my bf, Raj, how the body of a beach volleyball player is my ideal body, and deep thoughts on the differences between men and women's gymnastics)
4) post-diss plans
5) after the 1st: THE STATE FAIR, including a catalog of which stick bearing foods were eaten by me, and which 4H projects were most impressive.

Here is what I will write if I can find the creativity: haiku inspired by Raj Bhavsar (I can't get the syllables right. Seriously, I've been trying. I'm not sure haiku is my medium. Shall I try a different type of formal poetry? A rondel?) and a summary of my and Topher's reality show, "So you think you can science?" Maybe we can collaborate on that, Topher?


girl_in_greenwood said...

Oooh, if you're going to the state fair you also need to write about what kinds of foods are deep-fried, in addition to foods on a stick!

Julia said...

Please, i want to hear all about food on a stick. Possibly deep fried food on a stick. I am trying to decide if we should take our toddler to the state fair this year or that would just invite disaster...

Megan Hall said...

Definitely get on with the haiku! Maybe we could get a haiku about deep-friend foods?