Sunday, May 04, 2008

No noise in Illinois

For now, that is....

My people! I can now officially announce to you that come August, R and I and the cats shall pack up and return to the midwest, from whence we both emerged. That is right, we are moving to Chicago! Rock on! R will pursue a PhD (I have confidence he will catch it) and I will hopefully find some sort of job in some sort of academia vaguely related to what I do.

I am excited for the move, I like Chicago and it has always been on my list of places I would like to live. Both of our families will be much closer, and we have like a million friends in the general area. But it is still bittersweet. We've both really loved living in New York, and we don't feel like we're done with it yet. While we will have a cheaper rent and be able to afford a two bedroom (woo! office!) apartment, we will also have to buy a car (sad. car insurance, gas, repairs). But it will be good overall.

I wish I could say I was off now to enjoy New York while we have it, but I am actually going to get back to my super boring data analysis.


DancingFish said...

Congrats! That is very cool. I grew up outside the city and love the IL!

girl_in_greenwood said...

Congratulations! Chicago will be a great place for you guys.

Erin said...

Congratulations to you and R!

I hope you get some time to enjoy New York in the next few months. The midwest is a vortex that will suck you back into its bosom. I hope you will love Chicago.

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