Tuesday, March 18, 2008


So R and I are going to move this summer. We are sad about leaving NYC, and would've liked more time here, but maybe we will return one day. We don't know where we are moving yet, as it is based on R's schooling (that's right, he's being schooled!). A decision will be made by April 15 though.

Anyway, what I am most looking forward to on this next move is that we will likely be there for a multitude of years. This depends somewhat on me being able to get a job in the area, so lots of knocking on wood, etc. But R will be going into a long program, so at least he will be in that for many years. I have been feeling a little unsettled, frustrated and disgruntled lately. I realized a lot of it is due to the kind of impermanence of my life. Like I am a student, but I am over that. I am ready to not be a student. Very often lately, I have been thinking of things I would like to do and then say to myself, "not until after I graduate." So now I have a list of a zillion things to do after I graduate, and no sure date on when that is. Although it will come one day! I don't like to live my life in the future like this. Usually, I am pretty good at living in the present, but my present of analyzing data and writing writing writing is not fun for me. I am trying to do a little more of the stuff on my after graduation list, but also since realizing what was at the root of my dissatisfaction, I feel better about it.


Christopher said...

God! I know sooooo what you are talking about!

And sorry, but you can't win the Corbett war...You should move down here too to finish your dissertation -- Nothing to distract you from working!!

DancingFish said...

Someday someday someday....I understand all too well. Our biggest thing is that we have never gone on vacation together- it has been put off until I was done with this or husband is done with that.

Very exciting about the move though!!

BlackenedBoy said...

Believe you me, I'm with you. I'm a college Sophomore, and already I'm thinking about jobs and the future.

I can't wait to be on my own and in a career.

Also, I've moved around a lot, too, so I know how that is.