Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Little Better

I had a rejuvenating Saturday and an OK Sunday, until I realized Sunday meant Monday was coming.

Yesterday R and I went to the Natural History Museum where we enjoyed learning about Asian cultures. We critiqued the museum's obsession with "man's rise to civilization", saw a special exhibit on water and learned how much we would weigh on the sun (a lot). Afterwards we came home and I made Roasted Vegetables, Thai Style from this cookbook, which is one of the best presents I got for Christmas.

Today I did not run, which was bad, but I really really didn't want to. I will run tomorrow. I worked on a job application, and we made eggplant parmesan with stuff we had lying around the house, so that was pretty cool. The best thing I did all day was watch some men's figure skating. Nothing soothes the stressed out soul like a few triple axles. Right on.

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Laura said...

I *heart* Mark Bittman! I had no idea he had a veggie version of how to cook everything. So smart!