Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I had my first class today. Yay! I think I was in teaching withdrawal. I have 22 students this semester and they are all so smart and engaged and brought up fabulous points during our discussion ON THE FIRST DAY! Seriously, I am like in teaching heaven. Maybe it is the teaching honeymoon?

I also sent off my first draft of a book chapter. I was working soooo hard on it, I am glad it is done with. It will be cool to be in a book one day as well. It is just something more accessible to my friends and family who don't read Academic Journal of Academic Primatology Stuff. I know that is everyone's favorite.


ScienceGirl said...

How exciting!

girl_in_greenwood said...

Yay! I'm glad your class has started so well.

And yes, you are an EXTREMELY special nerd.

katie said...

You are in a book? Very cool! I will have to read it, since I do not usually read Primatology periodicals.

Oh, and doll doesn't have a face yet, but it will soon. I forgot about your phobia--I didn't mean to scare you. There will be warnings before future posts of faceless dolls.

DancingFish said...

Glad the semester is starting off well!
I can't imagine writing a book chapter. That is awesome.

Doug said...

AJAPS rules! :)

shannon said...

That's awesome! What's the name of the book to which you contributed?