Saturday, November 24, 2007

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I have nothing to say but I felt like it had been a while since I posted, so here I am. I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving! I did -- we went to Corbett's with Christopher and Maggie and ate lots of food. Especially good were the three kinds of pie! After eating we watched White Christmas and then played Wise or Otherwise and a fabulous 18th Century card game called Quadrille. It is a little complex as it was played by ladies of leisure. On the way home R and I were thinking about the leisure class of today and what they do to fill their time. We figured there were the ones like Paris Hilton, and the others who want to keep their leisure class-ness quiet. We wonder what they do. Maybe they go to that country in Europe only rich people know about.

Yesterday R and I got back to work. Today R is working again and I may work some. I did clean out my email inbox though, so that was good. I can't believe it is nearly December! I have a lot of dissertating to get done by Christmas, and I'll have papers to grade so it will be a busy busy time.

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katie said...

There are two brothers at my parent's church, now both married with families, who are super rich from the dotcom boom. They started up something or other and sold out at just the right time. So now they are set for life, but still living in the suburbs, doing the upper middle class thing. Most folks at church don't know--my dad found out because he read about them in Newsweek.

Neither brother or the wives work, and since they are kind of quiet about why, it sometimes leads to some funny situations. Like when well meaning churchgoers try to convince them to take home the leftovers because they're out of work, or try to hook them up with crappy jobs at their businesses.

They are pretty down to earth, but still a little out of touch. Like when they tried to convince the church to hold Vacation Bible School several times during the year, because it was so much fun int the summer. And mom had to explain to them that they can't get the volunteers to run it more than once a year, because most people can't take off for a week at a time repeatedly.