Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I couldn't think of a better title so that is me singing to you. I have about 10 free minutes here, before I go off to walk the dogs. I'm currently importing audio tapes that are dissertation related -- I have 45 tapes, each lasting about 45 minutes and they have to be imported in real time. It is a long job. Also, I am scared to do anything else on the computer while they are importing. I am not sure if the computer and the program are smart enough to keep the importing going while I am doing other things, so I am just leaving it alone. So there are long stretched when the computer is working, but I am not working on it. This is all for the third chapter of the diss. I have put the stats drama to the side for a bit, but should get back to it by the end of the week.

The last few days have been really nice fall-like weather, but it is getting up into the mid 70's again today and for the end of the week. I do not approve! I think 60 is my new perfect temperature.

I also like the cool weather because I am copying Katie and starting to run. I am using this Couch to 5k schedule and this podcast to tell me when to switch between running and brisk walking. So far I am really enjoying the running, which is a little strange as I have tried running at various times in my life before and not liked it. I've also been going to pilates, which will never replace yoga in my heart but is more near by, cheaper, and helps keep me stretchy and my core strong. I only go once a week and it kicks my ass every time. Tonight is my third class.

OK, just a quick update so now you can stop complaining about my lack of posting (I'm looking at you, mom. :) )


katie said...

You shouldn't copy me too closely, I am still not past week 1 in my "10-week" program. Ha! I do head out three times a week, though, and then come home all sweaty, so my neighbors must think that I am a runner!

Matt said...

Your mom reads this?!? I will have to watch what I say...