Monday, October 01, 2007

Happy October!

I had a good weekend. The weather has been really nice -- almost Fall like. I love fall. Saturday we went out to Brooklyn for homemade pizza and hanging out. It was fun until it took us 2 hours to get home! First we tried to walk across a bridge to a subway stop, but the bridge was a drawbridge and was stuck open. So walked back to a different subway stop, but there was some sort of change of service so we ended up on a train going the opposite way of what we wanted. We finally got it all sorted out and got home, but it took 2 hours!!! I did realize I love Brooklyn Lager's Oktoberfest beer, so that is a plus. Sunday was also nice and R and I went to a medieval fair and he had an "Australian style" meat pie and I had a veggie curry pie. We also saw people in medieval costumes, including a tiny dog. Later on Sunday I started to not feel well, though, and went to bed super early. Today I had a little sore throat and some stuffiness, but Advil Cold and Sinus got me in good enough shape to teach.

I worry my class is a little boring. It is totally new subject matter to most of the students. Right now, we discuss the readings and I try to help them connect them and tell them concrete examples, but I think I need to think of activities or something they can do to use the info from the readings in a more practical way. We only have one day of class next week and we are using that for a field trip, so I am going to think about it some more.


Melinda said...

Ew. Do I even want to know what is in an Australian style meat pie?

Laurie said...

ha ha! Dingos and Kangaroos. No, it was just beef and cheese, sadly. Apparently, meat pies are to Australian and New Zealand food culture what pizza is to New York, whatever that means.