Thursday, August 16, 2007


I am home today with a bad bad headache. Perhaps a migraine? I do not know the official definition of migraine though. It sucks because I have large amounts of guilt whenever I am sick -- I see it as a personal failure as though I should be able to overcome whatever is wrong with me by force of will. This is a problem with being headstrong and stubborn. As I can usually get most things by sheer force of will, it is very troubling when I cannot. Anyway, yesterday I felt all weird too, so I am going to lay around today and hopefully get better.

In other news, I think I am going to buy a new computer. I am not into the $1600 price tag when I don't have a job, BUT my current computer does not allow me to open more than 3 word documents/ excel files at once which is really impeding my dissertation writing. Also the constant freezing is a problem. I was planning to buy a new computer after graduating and getting a job, but my new plan is to pay this one off when that happens. I'm just buying it in advance. I don't know, it feels a little frivolous, but seriously, I do need word and excel open at the same time.


katie said...

Blah, headache. You deserve sympathy, not guilt, these things happen. As for the computer, have you tried erasing everything off of it and reinstalling everything? It is a very very big project, but I did that a few years ago and it was like getting a new computer, it worked so much better. But if you need a new computer, you need a new computer, and it'll be more use now than when you are done. For my graduation present I got a sewing machine. Tells you something about how much computing I plan on doing for a bit. :)

Laura said...

For your computer problems, could you save a little money by buying a desktop? They are not portable obviously, but maybe you could wait on the laptop until the money starts rolling in (any day now, right?)

As for the headache and the guilt about being sick, you are nutso. If only you had such control over your body, you would be a medical marvel and that could fund your laptop desires. Besides you have to save your "sheer force of will" for when it really matters. Let yourself have a headache now and then so that if you ever get some bad illness, you can whip out the "sheer force of will" to kick its ass.

Also, feel better sweet nutso :)

Laurie said...

A desktop would impede my productivity more than my current laptop. I cannot be constrained by a desk! I could try re-installing, but really, this computer has been on borrowed time for awhile. And I just ordered a new Dell anyway!

I'm getting over my psycho-ness regarding my headache, as I have been lying down all day and still fell crappy. Alas. I just feel bad about missing work.

Kate said...

Taking the two hour nap yesterday seriously increased my productivity for today. I'm glad you're laying about. Be good to yourself and sleeeeeeep. :)

Laura said...

If it is a migraine, there are awesome meds out there that can knock it out of your head (well at least they do for Shannon). I suspect you could do some googling to find out what makes migraines different than a regular ole headache. Or you could email Shannon. Just a thought.

Also, woo new laptops!

Christopher said...

The headache is because I have gone, I bet.