Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Why Fox News sucks

So there was a steam pipe that exploded in midtown. I was watching TV around when this happened. I happened to stop flipping on Fox, not realizing it was Fox. I picked up on what station I was on, though, when the newscasters started talking about how of course it made everyone think of 9/11, and especially in these dangerous times we had to think it was terrorism. Then the newscaster interviewed someone from the electric company (who is in charge of the pipes which carry steam all though Manhattan -- it is used for heating and other things. I actually watch something about them on tv, but I remember very little.) and just kept attacking the poor electric company person. The Fox guy kept asking why they didn't respond better and why they had pipes that could explode and basically was very combative. The poor electric guy was like, we did respond well, the pipes are old, dude, shit happens. It is sad that a person died because of it, but I think freak accidents are a part of life.

Anyway, all the other stations managed to mention that it was not terrorism in a non-sensational way, and did not attack electric company officials without reason. Stupid Fox News.

PS: be careful if you are on the New York Times web page as my sources say they write too much about the new Harry Potter on the front page. Do not be spoilered!

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Laura said...

Our book is coming Saturday to our house. I almost cannot contain the exclamation points inside of me about this!!

Also, Fox news sucks so bad. Did you see the Daily Show last night with Matt Groening? He had a funny comment about Fox news.