Saturday, July 07, 2007

licenses, NYC, fireworks and hotdogs, oh my!

Hello my little blog readers!

Here is a post about a bunch of stuff I have been up to.

Let's see. Last Sunday night I got back from my month of teaching the smarty kids. It was fun, the kids were awesome, I got to hang out with a bunch of NHPs (nonhuman primates), I lived in a dorm and the food was awful. I also missed my community college students and came to feel that teaching the gifted was not where my passion lies. Hopefully I can post more on that later. However, I also got an email saying my one community college adjuncting job was taken from me due to the hiring of full time faculty. Boo! hiss! Now I have NO sure teaching for fall so I am scrambling. Anyone need a bio anthro/anthro/biology/primatology/ or anything else teacher for fall? Let me know!

R surprised me and met me at the airport which was so nice! He was almost foiled by my flight being early, but we met up and had a taxi ride home together and he was able to help me with my heavy bag. Monday I was exhausted so I lazed around the house. At night we struck out for the Bronx and Yankee Stadium to watch the Yankees play the Twins. R and I cheered for the Twins, and it was very weird to be for the away team -- I have never had that experience before. Also, the Twins lost in a very embarrassing manner. Seriously, R or I could have pitched better than they were.

Tuesday we finally used the Empire State Building tickets R got me for my birthday. It was very cool! And the line was not too long. I'll have some pictures up on Flickr soon. After that we walked to Grand Central Station and R had oysters (I had a few as well) and calamari. It was R's end of first year of grad school present. After that we went to see Sicko, which was pretty good although not one of Michael Moore's best. Also, I already know the health care system in the US is screwed, so no new info there.

Wednesday was the 4th and we went to Coney Island to watch the hot dog eating contest. So fun! The MC was hilarious and the whole things was just awesome. The world record was broken twice! The winner at 66 hot dogs in 12 minutes. Actually, that is pretty gross, but it was fun to be there. Afterwards we met Christopher and Corbett, rode the Wonder Wheel, and then walked around Brighton Beach.

Thursday I did lots of wedding planning work like planning the ceremony and looking for readings. R had school related work, and at night we went to C&C's and watched some Battlestar Galactica.

Friday we met up with Christopher and Corbett again and headed down to City Hall for the marriage license! We stood in a wide variety of lines, reminiscent of the DMV, but emerged (we thought) triumphant. Afterwards we all headed to Chinatown for awesome tasty veggie dim sum followed by Chinese ice cream. We said bye to C&C and got on the subway to scope out Central Park for the wedding again, when we looked at the license and saw R's birthday was wrong, making him 6 years older than he actually is! Curses! There is a fee for corrections done more than 24 hours after getting the license, so we had to get off the train and head back to City Hall. Luckily the correcting went pretty smoothly and we got a correct license but by then we were too tired for the park so we came home, had leftovers and watched Mission Impossible 3 which is not a very good movie. Whew. What an exciting week!

Next week is all dissertation all the time. I keep joking that I will have it done when R comes back on the 21st -- I think ridiculous deadlines are good motivators for me.

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DancingFish said...

Sounds like a great week! I just posted about ridiculous deadlines. I am glad to see I'm not the only one who does that =)