Saturday, May 12, 2007


Happy Saturday! It is a beautiful day here. R and I went to the farmer's market today -- they still don't have much, but we got some apples and some asparagus which was picked yesterday. yum yum. The asparagus will be for dinner. On the way home we walked around the grounds of the Cloisters and saw some amazing flowers and flowering trees. I forgot my camera so no photos. Tomorrow we are going to the Bronx Zoo. I have never been before and am allegedly supposed to take my fall class there, so we are going to scope it out.

Speaking of vegetables, we're trying to join a CSA. We don't eat enough veggies so we are hoping that pre-paying and getting them will force us to eat them before they go bad. And the pickup location is right next to our apartment. Convenient! Anyway, I say hoping because I mailed the check yesterday so it will get there right at their cut off date AND all the other CSAs in hte area or filled, so I hope they have room for us.

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