Sunday, May 06, 2007

news from me

I think I have been giving all my writing energy to my dissertation and the other paper I am working on. While that is good for my career, it means the poor blog suffers.

Earlier this week we went to Target which was super exciting. It is always a crap shoot as to whether or not they have things we need in stock, but this time we score three!! 7 pound bags of cat food! Boo-ya! The cats will not be hungry for months. I also got two skirts and two tank tops. The skirts are awesome and super comfy. I'm all into wearing skirts in the summer instead of shorts, so they are a good investment.

My fall primate class in under-enrolled, so I had to send a draft of my syllabus in so advisers could convince their students to sign up. The chair is not worried as we still have the whole summer, but I have been so excited about this class for so long, I am concerned and hope it gets more students. I've also been working on my syllabus for my summer class, and that is going well AND I already have my plane ticket. yay!

Back to the academic writing....

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