Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Menstruation nation

Wherein I write about my vagina on the internets.

(aside: Melinda, I looked up menstruation in an online rhyming dictionary, hoping for a more clever title, and one of the words I got was 'goshen'. ha!)

A few months ago, I bought a Diva Cup. I had heard of the Diva Cups and their cousins the Keepers for many years, due to my associations with hippies and my reading of Bust magazine. For some reason, I did not buy one, mostly due to it's around about $30 price tag. While in Suriname, however, I had two colleagues who used Diva Cups/Keepers and loved them. I realized that $30 for something that I would use every month for years and years was a bargain, so I finally bought one.

I was so excited about this thing, I kept telling R about it and it was passed around (pre usage) at my birthday party. I finally got to use it two months ago and it was so awesome! Seriously, it rules! Prior to my Diva Cup conversion, I had been using tampons and had found some drying issues with them. Also, they apparently may leave cotton/rayon fibers behind. But whatever, I have been very happy with my Diva Cup. I don't need to remember to carry tampons with me all the time, I can put it in a little early to catch the beginning of my period, it can go longer between changes, it is reusable, and my girlie parts just feel generally better about the whole thing.

If you are uncomfortable with really getting your fingers up in your own bizness, or easily grossed out by looking at what is actually coming out during your period, the Diva Cup may not be for you. I really like the chance to see what is going on, though, and am proselytizing the Diva Cup to the world!


Kate said...

As someone also obsessed with menstruation, I did use the Keeper Cup for a few cycles several years ago. I stopped only because I found it difficult to empty it and put it back in in public restrooms, where the sink and the toilet stall are far apart. But it is totally cool, and not wasteful, and a great way to deal with your period when you're in the field, on the go, or just don't like using pads and tampons. Woo hoo!

Melinda said...

I'm sorry, can't do the diva cup. But you know this about me. I have severe grossness issues, which have not abated since becoming a mother and having to do things like suction snot from someone else's nose and wipe poop off of someone's back and neck.

Jen said...

I think I'm with Melinda on this one: I'm sore enough during my period that I don't want to be reaching into parts unknown and upsetting whatever voodoo is going on there.

But kudos to you!

Liz said...

Hi Laurie--it was nice to meet you on Friday.
And is it weird that my innaugural comment on your blog is about the Diva Cup?
I've read so much about this from other women, I wonder if it's a good idea for me? But as Kate said: "empty public restrooms" ???
Anyhoo...thanks for the PSA!

Educe said...

Thanks for sharing your experiences. I purchased a Diva Cup a couple weeks ago and have to wait a few weeks to really test it, although I've been practicing like crazy! I like to know what other gals have to say about it, and any tips/tricks.

For other readers, I'd check out their site for more info -- as long as you're not freaky about your body you should be able to handle the cup.

Also, for public restrooms: you can wet some TP before you go into the stall and use that to wipe it out, or you can use dry TP to wipe it; then when you get back to your home or someplace more comfortable you give it a proper rinse!