Thursday, April 12, 2007

No time

While I depend on others to provide me procrastination entertainment via their blogs, I realize I have been remiss on posting on my own blog. Hence, this post about nothing. I have been working at my part time job like a mofo. This is because it is going to end, so I feel I need to rake in all the money I can while I am still employed. I also need to find a new job. And throw something together for this wedding, and write my dissertation! eek. It will all be ok though.

I drank so much espresso at work today I feel like I might die. Or maybe I will just nap. Tonight I am meeting Christopher for my surprise birthday present. I am 90% sure I know what it is, and that it is just what I was going to get him for HIS birthday, so now I need to think of a new birthday present for him. Curse you, Christopher! :)

Ok, now I am off to nap.

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Laura said...

Was it what you thought it would be?