Monday, March 05, 2007

Week Update

Let me update you on the last week with subheadings!


Awhile ago Christopher gave me some sourdough starter who I named Alberto and put in the fridge. Since I finally have a day off I got Alberto out this morning and fed him and now he is getting revved up to be in some sourdough wheat bread. Yum yum. Also, sometime in the recent past I made my first successful loaf of wheat bread! yay! It was very good, with the most beautiful crumb ever. The problem is I don't really know how I did it. When I first put it in the bread machine it was too wet (I over-corrected for the previous too dry bread) so I just threw in bunched of both bread flour and whole wheat flour. I really thought it was going to be terrible, but it was very good. Hopefully I can recreate it sometime, and write down what amounts I use.

Because my job is down in the Village and I live way way uptown, I get to ride the subway all the time now. I bought an unlimited Metro card which is very freeing. I just subway all over the place, because the more I ride the better of a deal it is! One day this week I went down to work, then way up to the Bronx, then back down to Lincoln Center. Good times.

Saturday it was so nice out so R and I went to a near by Farmer's Market. As it is winter in New York, there was not much to buy -- mostly apples and baked goods. We did get some tasty apple cider and I think I will go back for apples and some cage free eggs. We walked home via two huge parks. One of them was so big, you really didn't know you were in Manhattan when you were inside it. We hope to walk more in the spring.

My job is good, although a little crazy. After one week of work I am apparently fully trained and can open and close the store. It is cool, though, it is the kind of job I thrive in, where you are given no direction so you just do stuff. I worked the last 6 days though, including 9.5 hours on Friday and I was tiiiiiired. I stand the whole time and my entire body was sore on Friday night. I finally have a day off today, so I slept in until 10:30 and am going to get all kinds of errands and stuff done.

I did some work on my dissertation -- mostly arranging data. I have a lot more of that to do. This is the pre-analysis stage. I have an organized method, though. I am going chapter by chapter and working on that data only, it really helps to keep me focused. I am supposed to have a really detailed outline in the next few weeks. I don't really work in outlines, but I'll put what I have in that format I guess.

Part of why I was so exhausted this week was that I was out late so many nights! On Sunday I had to go watch the Oscars, of course. I predicted 19 categories correctly! Go me! Monday night R and I went to see This American Life Live, which was super good. They are making a TV show out of the radio show and it will be on Showtime. The clips of the TV show looked good. Too bad I have no fancy cable. And then on Tuesday Maggie and I went to see the Vagina Monologues with Alix Olson. They were very good, although the venue was beset by logistical problems, so the show started an hour late, we were packed in like sardines, and I didn't get home until very late at night.

So that is what was up with me lately. I have some pictures I need to get off the camera and then I will put them on Flickr soon. There are some of bread! So click the Flickr badge in the next few days.

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