Tuesday, February 20, 2007

This is me procrastinating

I am sooooo tired of applying for jobs. I have a goal of applying for 5 every weekday. I got behind the last few days so now I need to do 11 today. But it is so boring. My friend Maggie says I am riding myself too hard, so maybe I don't need to do 5 a day? But who will pay the rent if I don't get a job? Ah well. Anyway, I have had two interviews recently. One is for like a real professional job in event planning. It would be cool as I would make $18/hr. yippee! I felt like I was disappointing the interviewer with all my answers though. I also had an interview at a cafe in Chelsea which I think would be cool to work at, even though it only pays $8/hr plus tips. We will see. I am happy I am getting more interviews, as that means perhaps I will get a job one day.

Maggie and I saw Music and Lyrics yesterday. It was fun and about what I expected. But it was nice to have a movie deliver what it advertised. So it is recommended if you want a regular cute chick flick. After it we had coffee and split a cupcake with sooooo much frosting. It was out of control with the frosting. I think there was more frosting than cupcake.

Yesterday I also mystery shopped for the first time! Someone recommended it to me as a way to make money in grad school, so I signed up with the only non scam site I found. It was pretty cool. I went to a store, bought something and returned it, and then filled out a questionnaire about it. I should get $40 for it. It would be better if the store were closer to me, but I got to hang out around 5th Ave all day so it was cool. It got me out of the apartment. My dream is to mystery shop some restaurants and get the meal paid for.


Ellen said...

What was the website? Nathan is fascinated with doing this.

Laura said...

Five jobs a day, twenty-five a week is very ambitious. Good luck to you!

I am happy to hear you liked the movie because I thought it had potential.

I do would be interested in more information about mystery shopping. I do some online surveys which hold the potential of making me money, but which hasn't so far. It takes like two seconds when I get an email from them, but so far I've not been the right demographic I guess. Here's the site: http://www.acop.com/