Monday, December 18, 2006


Howdy ho all!

I am trying hard toget my stuff together to post a lovely summary of what all happened to me in Suriname, but it is hard. Right now I am pretty overwhelmed with figuring out my life and how I am going to make my half of the rent plus tuition.

Also I am all getting used to New York, so I have that whole adventure to process. I love it here so far and I can even travel around on the subways by myself as well as someone tells me which trains to take! We live on the far north end of Manhattan and to our east is a very Latino neighborhood. I walked around exploring it yesterday, and bought some $2 jeans. Also in our 'hood we have several Dunkin' Donuts, grocery stores, and lots of restaurants. There is so much going on.

Last night I saw Stranger Than Fiction with some friends. I really liked the movie, and on the way home I learned an important subway lesson. The lesson is: if there is a full car next to an empty car on the train, there is probably a reason that one car is empty. I hopped on to this empty car, proud of my cleverness, until I noticed the horrendous stench. Indeed, some poor man was ejecting some sort of bodily fluids and smelled sooooo bad. About 8 of us had gotten in this car and we all kind of huddled in a corner until we finally got to the next stop and could flee. So that was my first important subway lesson. It also reminded me of how fun it is to live in a big city and bond with strangers over incidents like this. All of us in the car were brought closer together. It was really beautiful, except that it was disgusting.

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