Monday, May 15, 2006

Thyroid and crochet

Hey! My thyroid surgery is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon. yay! I am very excited it is so soon. Also, it is outpatient surgery, I will be home that night, and after my follow up exam a week later, I should be cleared for travel! So this could put my research back only a month. I am so relieved that this is getting done so quickly. Of course, the small chance that the growth will be found to malignant is lurking, but it is only a 10% chance, so I will not worry myself about it for now.

Now you can admire the shawl!


katie said...

That shawl is awesome! Your swap person will love it. (that's who it's for, right?) Are you going to take any crochet with you to Suriname?

Ellen said...

So cute!

hucpuc said...

Glad to hear you're doing well! A friend and fellow knitter has a group blog at:

in case you're interested! Stay well.