Friday, May 26, 2006

"I" meme

I saw this at Marigoldie. While I should be cleaning the dining room, I am instead going to write this, as the meme really spoke to me for some reason.

I AM: happy
I WANT: to finish my dissertation
I WISH: I could always be near all my friends and family
I HATE: waiting
I MISS: snow
I HEAR: embarrassingly, Days of Our Lives, which more embarrassingly, I DVR-ed (now there are no secrets between you and I, blog readers).
I WONDER: how it is all going to work out. How cool will R and I be in 10 years? In 20? How much will I have taken the world by storm?
I REGRET: very little
I AM NOT: boring
I DANCE: at 80's night once in a blue moon, and merengue with R at weddings
I SING: Alone, in the car, to women folk singers
I CRY: more than you would think
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: I recently realized this is really important to me. When I don't do it, I get all out of whack. I make crocheted things, beaded things, decorated t-shirts and pipe cleaner flowers for my mom on Mother's Day.
I WRITE: on the internets. I should write more for school, but I am having some self-doubt issues with that right now.
I CONFUSE: The letters g and j. Sometimes my family.
I NEED: people! and a little money would be nice
I SHOULD: clean the dining room
I START: lots of things
I FINISH: a small proportion of the above

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Norah said...

Cool meme! Of course you will take the world by storm some day!!