Sunday, April 16, 2006

Movin' right along

foot loose and fancy free.

That's right! R and I have decided we are moving to NYC! Even after watching me suffer through 4 years of grad school, he has decided to start his own adventure with post-graduate education. So he will move up there in August, wrangling the two cats and dealing with the moving and the apartment hunting. I'll go right there from the field in December, and hopefully commence part-time teaching to pay the rent while I write the dissertation. woo! It is all so exciting.

In other news, I have got my to-do list to a somewhat manageable size now. I finished two projects that were taking a lot of my time (contributions to a book, and a journal article) and now am down to having to pack, send out CVs for teaching jobs, finish two more weeks of teaching and grading, and maybe get one more paper cleaned up for submission. A lot of the to-do list reduction was helped by my parents sending me so many field supplies for my birthday, and my brothers sent me some binoculars which are fog-proof and awesome.

We also watched Wallace and Grommit and the Cure of the Were-Rabbit last night. That movie rules! It was sooooo funny.

Hopefully soon to come posts will include some more books, Project Spectrum, and something else I totally forgot just now.

Happy Easter!


Melinda said...

Ok, so I'm still very bitter about the whole Chicago thing not working out, but I'll give you a little "woo!" all the same. :)

Laura said...

Is he going to get help with housing from Columbia or is he on his own?

Laurie said...

Melinda, thank you for your tiny woo. I am plotting to come visit you and the exapanded fam around Christmas, since we will be doing our usual tour of the midwest. Also, you and the fetus and the husband are all always welcome in our tiny NYC tenement (and maybe the dog, although Pass hates them so probably not).

Maybe after his master's R can get a PhD in Chicago? Keep the dream alive!

Laurie said...

We applied for Columbia housing, but have no idea if we will get it or not.

Matt said...

Would R be interested in some sweaty help for the move in August? I might be available. . .