Saturday, April 01, 2006

colors and catch up

Here's the last red and pink for Project Spectrum! I know it is April now and I should be on to yellow and orange, but too bad. These are red/pinks I found in the parking lot of my apartment complex. One is of the stylish red interior of my lovely Ford Tempo. It is looking like I am going to have to sell the Tempo soon -- I will miss its red interior.

As many of you may know, I am leaving in about a month for the lovely jungles of South America, where I will collect my dissertation data. I will be gone from May 5-December 11. What does this mean for you, my blog readers? I am going to try to keep updating once and awhile. Although we are in the jungle where no roads go, and can only be reached by a boat or airplane, we do have some access to the internets. I hope to be able to update from time to time and post pictures of the jungle excitement.

Because of the upcoming trip I have been soooo stressed. I have a ginormous list of things to do, vaccines to get, money to spend. I also need to pack up my stuff as it looks like R will move while I am gone, so to make it easy on him I need to pack up my clothes and books and craft stuff -- basically anything he won't use. I need to get organized and think harder about how I am going to collect my data, I have to finish up teaching my class, including grading a zillion more assignments AND I really want to get two papers submitted before I go. One I am only 4th author on, so the pressure is off me, but I am first author on the 2nd so it is all up to me to push that through. Whew. The amount of stuff I have to do mostly leaves me paralyzed, but I am determined to get a good start at crossing things off the list this week, except for the exhaustion caused by the stress.

With that, I will leave you with my new favorite infomercial product -- The Flavor Wave Deluxe!. If you see this infomercial -- stop! It is so worth it. You can cook frozen food RIGHT FROM THE FREEZER! Who has time to defrost? They even cook solid, cryogenically frozen food! It is amazing. The time lapse video of the food cooking really adds a lot to the experience as well.

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