Monday, March 13, 2006

Bad, bad blogger

I apologize greatly for my recent blog neglect. I have been a busy busy bee. My friend Shannon visited at the beginning of last week, and then my friend Melissa was here for the second half of the week. yay yay! So much fun.

Shannon's visit was excellent and made me go outside and walk about some places I have never been before. We went to a little fishing town on the coast, to the big sinkhole, and to a state park. The weather was beautiful -- clear and amazing, but not too hot. We also used Shannon's visit as a reason to eat tons of good food at our favorite restaurants. yum yum.

With Melissa, I went 80's dancing (where I saw one of my students! eek!), to the anthro bar of old and back to the same fishing town. Both visits were excellent, but after all that activity and then R's work's big fundraiser on Sunday, I am worn out! It is great I have this week off for spring break, so I can get caught up on my various projects. I am currently working on three papers and really need to prioritize so I can actually get at least one submitted soon.

I can't get the Blogger photo uploader to work right now, but I'll have some pictures of my last week's adventures up soon.


hucpuc said...

I'm desperately afraid that one of my (future) students, who is too young to remember the 80s, will see me dressed inappropriately at some 80s club.

I read the Neanderthal Parallax series too! I loved the books. The author has a blog at !

Laurie said...

At least I was not dressed inappropriately Friday, as I was too lazy to put on more than a t-shirt and jeans. I was grinding with some of my friends, though.

I think I first heard about the Neanderthal books on your blog. I am really enjoying them and I'll check out his blog.