Saturday, March 04, 2006

5 Meme

Melinda tagged me for this, and since I am going to destroy her in our Oscar prediction competition tomorrow, I decided to post so she could be happy until then. Also, while I have like one million little draft post nubbins, I am unable to complete any for some reason. So this will have to do.

What Were You Doing Ten Years Ago?
In March 1996 I was in my second semester of college. My dad had just had a heart attack in February -- it actually might be 10 years ago today that I returned to college after flying home because of the heart attack. I remember he drove me back to college after Christmas break, and when he left I had such a weird feeling that he was going so far away. And then in mid-February my mom called early one Sunday and woke me and my roommate up to tell me my dad had a heart attack and was in the hospital and I should come home. At this point, the doctors apparently were not optimistic for his chances and had told me my mom to get me home. So I packed up my stuff and was just in so much shock. All the stuff I am going to write about it is really cloudy for me, which is weird because I have a pretty good memory. I think I was on auto pilot, and it was 10 years ago by now.

My fantabulous roommate Shannon drove me to the airport which was like 2 hours away and I remember that while we were in the car the Billy Joel song that goes "You may be right, I may be crazy" came on and I had a hard time because my dad always said that was his theme song. We got to the airport and something was wrong with the ticket -- maybe my credit card was at its limit? I totally lost it then and started crying and I called my dad's hospital room where my mom was and we tried to figure out what to do. At this point we were at a loss, but I think my uncle appeared and gave my mom his credit card to use so I made it home in the end and my dad got better. I stayed at home until he was released from the hospital, and the good news is he is fine now. But it was a really scary experience. Wow, I feel like I brought the blog down, but that is what happened 10 years ago.

What Were You Doing One Year Ago?

Around this time one year ago R and I went on our spring break trip to the Everglades which was supposed to fulfill my dream of sleeping on a chickee. Unfortunately, our vacation was instead beset by mosquitoes, rain, wind, a fallen down tent, exhaustion, crabbiness, and tears. I did not even get to see a chickee. We left the Everglades early and then could not find a hotel room in all of Florida but I did find some sharks' teeth on the west coast and we went to a random art festival filled with zombie-like old people and ate good Greek food. So there was a happy ending after all. It was also the one year anniversary of R moving here, so we must be on the two year anniversary now!

Five Snacks You Enjoy
- Oreos
- Samoas (the girl scout cookie)
- nectarines
- These sweet and salty almond granola bars I just discovered
- popcorn

Five Songs To Which You Know The Lyrics

- Many Indigo Girls, most notably "Get Out the Map", "Power of Two" and "Closer to Fine"
- The complete Dar Williams discography excluding the newest one which I do not own yet.
- All of "Into the Woods" (Stephen Sondheim, of course)
- I just discovered I know all the words to "Desperado" by the Eagles
- Enter Sandman
(I am a complex person)

Five Things You Would Do If You Were a Millionaire
- Fund my PhD research and also fund my wonder-monkey-twin Erin's.
- Support R so he could live the life of leisure he was meant for.
- Buy a big vacation house where all my friends can congregate regularly.
- Go to India, Africa, Antarctica, everywhere else I have never been and some places I have been before.
- Pay for my parents' retirement.

Five Bad Habits
- procrastination!
- laziness
- talking too much
- not thinking before speaking
- bossiness

Five Folks I'm Tagging for This Beeotch
I think most people who read this have already done this meme, so I tag no one! But if you haven't done it yet, do so.

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Melinda said...

Into the Woods! How could I forget Into the Woods? Did we ever sing through that together in its entirety?