Sunday, February 19, 2006

My New Boyfriend

I have been greatly enjoying the Olympics this year. The speed skating and the short track have been good for some drama. R and I have to cut back on our short track watching as the suspense is giving us ulcers. Also they fall down too much!

But I am really posting today to tell you about my new boyfriend, Joey Cheek. I first realized he was my boyfriend when he won gold in the 500 meters. If you missed this, you missed a great Olympic moment. He did his little skating, and then took off his skating sunglasses (I don't really understand why they wear these, but R said, "If you look fast, you ARE fast." I will believe him on that.) and pushed back his skating hood, looked up at his time and had the BEST happy/surprised look on his face. He totally didn't know how well he did, and then was so excited to see it. He just seems like such a nice, happy, friendly guy. And to top it all off, he donated both his bonuses from winning medals to an organization that helps disadvantaged youth through sports. Yep, he is my new boyfriend.

You can see the moment I speak of at this slideshow -- it is the seventh picture.


katie said...

Dude, he was already my boyfriend. But I'll share. And my other Olympic crush is on the snowboarder chick who fell on the last bump. She earned this by some of the looks of disbelief that she threw at Bob Costas as tried to get her to apologize for showing off. She looked very cute trying to explain that she was just having fun, and that she's pretty happy to be winning any Olympic medals at all.

Melinda said...

Aw, that's nice. He's a worthy boyfriend. I did not see that event. But I did discover ice dancing last night. You may think of this event as figure skating's unwanted baby brother, but here's why it's awesome: it's Israeli Jews dancing the mambo on skates! And people fall down. A lot!

Laurie said...

Katie -- I am glad we can share Joey Cheek. I would hate for us to be torn apart by fighting over our mutual boyfriend. I am sure he is enough man for both of us. :) I missed the snowboarder! I am happy to hear she refused to apologize to Bob Costas, though.

Melinda -- I just got into the ice dancing this year, too! Did you see the Italian woman's smack down of her partner. I thought that if they fell again last night she was going to whip out a knife and do him in.